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9 May 2012

Accessing the Android

OK, if I'm to blog on the go (sometimes I may venture from surgery to lawn..
And back), I had better test this Android app. You'll know it's working if you're reading this post.

And so it does. Although there appears to be a paragraph/line-break glitch. Whatever. If you're interested, I've a Samsung Galaxy S II (the contract renewal fell too early for an S III, but never mind). Why an Android mobile instead of an iPhone? Well, an iPad will be of more use to me for anything seriously musical. And there's the risk I'd spend so much time messing with an iPhone that the battery would likely be near flat every time I leave the house.

Thus far, the Galaxy has proved its worth as a comm device (even typing on it is easier compared with the iPod), makes tracking a personal profile page on Facebook that much slicker - I don't think I've Liked or otherwise responded to so many comments in ages - and has reawakened an old, old interest in astronomy thanks to the Google Sky Map app. Oh, and it supports Evernote, which is helping me in so many ways.

So what's new? Plays of Fell works have gone through 50,000 on ReverbNation, I've arrived at #3 in the UK chart and so am still at #1 in the UK rock chart. The Twitter following nears 2,000 and Facebook numbers are creeping up, even though I'm not doing much, apart from dispensing tips for recording musicians, to push that aspect of things. Still, they're just the numbers. More interesting are the people behind them.

It seems that ReverbNation visitors are playing more than just Logika, the promoted track, which is good. From comments received, the music appeals to a fairly broad church, which is useful because I'd be uncomfortable having to modify the way I write in order to generate a bigger audience.

It's with a view to keeping things honest that I approach this summer season's writing schedule - just go with the muse and see where it leads. Key to a successful start is getting a reasonable handle on the scope of the tone palette. I seem to have acquired a silly number of sound sources from which to choose, including a whacking great sample library which could do with sorting out properly.

In making sense of a burgeoning collection of samples, out comes a Mac-only piece of software called AudioFinder, which does as the name suggests. It'll read pretty much any audio file on the system, display each as a waveform and offers the means to trim the file, normalize level, chop it up, apply processing plug-ins and a heck load more. It's also a powerful cataloguing tool, which is one aspect I've been somewhat lax in exploring - better get my finger out and bring order to the assembled sonics. Just as long as I don't end up in the studio equivalent of a novelist's garret, a pristine environment in which everything is spick and span. And there's the excuse for just one more coffee before starting the first chapter. Oh, just remembered, I could do with mowing the lawn first, and... Etc.

Appositely cool, AudioFinder developer Iced Audio has namechecked me on its list of pro users. Ah, fame beyond measure. I'd rather notoriety, but by small steps do we advance.

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