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5 April 2012

Facebook promo pointer for ReverbNationals

A new gadget has recently appeared on ReverbNation that could have a profound impact on your Facebook following. Log into your ReverbNation account and navigate the following: Control Room > My Profile > Social Sync - Do you notice a suspiciously shiny checkbox just above the Automatically post things I do on ReverbNation checkbox, as below?

Yup, the Make the ’Like’ button on my ReverbNation profile grow the likes of my Facebook page entry appears to be new. Now, unless I’ve spent the last month with my head in a bucket (and I don’t much like KFC), I think ReverbNation snuck this one in to get around a spot of hoo-hah. To whit, people discovered Facebook Likes that were made with the button on a ReverbNation profile were not showing up on the corresponding Facebook Band Page. What a bally zwizz!

Well OK, problem solved. Possibly. I’ve checked the box, but cannot yet tell whether Likes are migrating from RN to FB in good order - it’ll take a while to accumulate. So I’m going to suggest that if you’ve a ReverbNation profile, go to Facebook and access the instructions for setting up a Band Page (unless you’ve already done so, of course). Ensure the Band Page is registered as such on ReverbNation, that the above tickbox is ticked and then see what happens. Perhaps you could swing by Fell on Facebook and tell folks of your experience.


Elias said...

Thanks for this one, my friend! Just activated that checkbox! And yes, I am one of those folks who discovered that the likes were not connected to each other. Great, seems like RN really tries to solve issues (first there was the twitter thing and now this one, fine). Now let's see what happens.

Unknown said...

On the downside, I've been tracking RN-generated Facebook Likes against those acquired via people visiting my FB page and have found something untoward. RN-FB Likes are not carrying across as advertised. Time, once again, to remonstrate with ReverbNation tech support.